As the children of God, we have submitted ourselves without reservation to His good governance. Our resistance to His good guidance has crumbled; our attempts to control our destinies are cast off; our aspersions against His will are silenced. God leads us now. As with our individual lives, so with our corporate lives. We are governed by the Word, and it will have no outsourced assistance from pragmatism.

To give durability to this belief, we have drawn up biblically-based directives for our lives together in three founding documents, all downloadable on the following pages. Our Statement of Faith outlines from the Bible a summary of what we believe. Our Covenant traces from the Word a picture of how we agree to live. Our Constitution draws from Scripture as best we can practical guidelines for church governance. These documents, taken together, abbreviate the Biblical doctrines that shape the life and ministry of Pillar Church of Norfolk.


More About Our Beliefs

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